Here’s some feedback from some of my clients. If you’d like to submit a testimonial, please use the form in the sidebar.

“Wow. Wonderful. It was the first time I experienced Thai massage, and I felt that it’s great! Hannah holds a warm, relaxed & safe space in which I really could just be. The physical body could also heal, and I noticed places I hadn’t thought were tense.
Big thanks! xx” – Maria Varanpal, UK

“Such a delicious treatment with Hannah today. From the start, I was met with such warmth and ease that I immediately felt relaxed. She generates a very kind and caring atmosphere with a powerful and yet gentle massage which left me feeling in touch with my tiredness and tenderness. This led to the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long while. These opportunities for such deep release are precious. Highly recommended!” – Tali, UK

“Hannah created a relaxing, healing environment. She asked thoughtful questions, played lovely gentle music in the background, and was attentive to my needs throughout the whole session. Her massage techniques were skilful; the session was deeply healing and gave me the rest and recuperation I deeply needed. She closed the session nicely too and helped me transition back to the outside world. I will definitely be back!” – Hannah-Rose, UK

“Hannah has a very calming and trustworthy demeanour. Her massage feels both careful and gentle yet she can work quite firmly in those areas that need it. With me she has worked a lot with palming and pressure points more than your usual twisting and bending which I would normally associate with Thai Massage. An intuitive, blissful and very cleansing massage technique.” – Neal, UK

“Thanks for the massage Hannah… it was great thanks and I felt really good afterwards. I was dancing until 2am so it was clearly appropriately energising!” – Mike, UK

“I love Hannah’s holistic approach; combining deep breathing with massage in a clean and calm environment. These massages have been the perfect pressure for me, as I am fairly sensitive – firm and focused, without being rough. The first time I saw Hannah, she eased the neck pain I was having. Having a hectic lifestyle means I’m physically tense, and so it’s refreshing to come away from these sessions feeling peaceful. Hannah is clearly passionate about massage; I appreciate her answering my questions and taking me through the process- I highly recommend her.” – Alia, UK

“Thank you for the wonderful massage, I can’t believe how much better I felt afterwards. I felt transformed, both physically and mentally relaxed and in a good place.” – Lisa, UK

“Thank you for the wonderful massage! I felt calmed and centered and slept wonderfully well afterwards. You have a lovely nurturing touch!” – Sue, UK

“I had two massages by Hannah in Mysore, India and I loved them! I was feeling very stiff and had problems with my shoulders and neck after yoga practice, but already the first massage helped to relieve the pain and stiffness. The second massage helped even more and I really liked the technique and the whole experience. Hannah is professional and a very warm person and the atmosphere was so relaxing and enjoyable. I can highly recommend her and her massage to everyone.” – Heidi, Finland

“Hannah was warm, professional and incredibly skilled. The massage was vigorous yet soothing. I was so relaxed afterwards that I was almost speechless. Later that day I felt incredibly energised and full of beans! It was by far the best massage I’ve had.” – Lucy, UK

“You have a good touch, gentle but deep, nurturing, with good energy.” – Ruth, Norway

“I have had many Thai massages before but am happy to say Hannah’s was one of the best! I rate her technique very highly, she is professional, creates a very good ambience and has a warm and friendly manner. It was a very therapeutic experience. I highly recommend her and will be coming back again!” – Nick, UK

“I had a massage with Hannah for my birthday and it was the perfect gift! The massage was gentle but thorough at the same time and very enjoyable. She pointed out things that were happening in my body that I hadn’t thought about before, like how some muscles were tenser than others and why that might be the case. Hannah has great knowledge of the human body and brilliant intuition and skills. I can’t recommend a treatment with Hannah enough, she is the one to see if you want to give your body and muscles a real long lasting treat!” – Leia, Sweden

“I really enjoyed the massage, it felt beautiful and you have good energy.” – Nicole, Germany

“Hannah Magic Hands! I had two amazing Thai Yoga massages with Hannah, and they have blown every other massage I’ve ever had out of the water! In general, I’ve always had trouble relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep, and after some sessions with Hannah, I felt that my body and mind was totally relaxed. I’ve probably had some of the best night’s sleep after Hannah’s massages. Mid-massage, I am sure I might have fallen asleep too! If you have some injuries, or don’t feel like moving in a particular way, Hannah is flexible and modifies her massage in other ways to accommodate. The massage style is gentle and performed with care and attentiveness – not in any way like the images you might have of a regular Thai massage that you see on the TV – no pushing and pulling (or yanking) of your body into awkward uncomfortable shapes! Hannah is truly talented, and worth making a trip to Brighton for. I live in London, and I will definitely be planning a trip to Brighton to see her at some point for another massage!” – Bindya, UK

“From the start of my massage I sensed I was in safe hands – Hannah clearly knows exactly what she is doing which helped me relax and absorb all the benefits of the treatment. By the end I was floating in a really peaceful meditation and afterwards I definitely sensed some energy shifts happening.” – Louise, UK

“It was amazing – exceeded all expectations. Pressure was just right and felt very healing. Totally blissed out and feeling opened up. I’ll never want a ‘normal’ massage again! Like having someone do the yoga for you!” – Helen, UK