Letting go of the past with Thai

Are there things in your life that no longer serve you? Would you like to let them go? Find out how Thai massage can help you release painful memories, negative thought patterns and unhelpful behavioural habits.

Releasing a butterfly

My latest article for Natural Health Star explores the idea of letting it all go.

We all hold onto things that are no longer necessary. This can be painful memories, negative thought patterns or unhelpful behavioural habits. Wouldn’t we feel much freer if we were able to let some of these things go?

I’ve recently been inviting my clients to think about that which no longer serves them during their massage treatments. Whilst I’m working on releasing physical and emotional blockages from their body, it can be wonderfully harmonious for them to work on releasing mental and psychological blockages from their mind.

Everyone has been very receptive to this idea so far. I guess because we all have at least one thing we would like to let go of.

You can read the full article here:  Letting go of the Past with Thai Massage

If you’d like to experience a feeling of letting go whilst enjoying a deeply nurturing massage, why not get in touch.

Have you ever experienced a release of something from your past, or of deep emotional pain, during a massage or other body or energy work? I’m always interested to hear from you, so please share your comments below.

With love and blessings

Hannah x

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