What colours do you see during

What does it mean when you see colours during a massage or other treatment? What do the different colours represent? Read my latest Natural Health Star article for some valuable insights.

The 7 chakra colours

Have you ever seen colours during a massage? Or, as a therapist, have you ever had a client who’s reported seeing colours during a treatment?

Seeing colours during any kind of body or energy work is surprisingly common and there are many theories as to what this can mean.

As I recently had a client who reported seeing colours, I decided to look into it further. You can read more about what I found out in my latest article for Natural Health Star What Colour Do You See During Massage?

I wonder if you’ll see any colours during your next treatment? Contact me to book a Thai massage in Brighton and let’s find out!

I’m always interested to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know about your colourful experiences.

With love and blessings

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