An introduction to Thai massage

What is Thai massage? Where does it originate from? How is it applied? And what are the benefits? This healing form of body and energy work is demystified in our introductory article.

Thai sen sib diagram

I recently became an author for Natural Health Star, an online community offering information, advice and specially selected health products.

My first article looks at where Thai massage originates from, how it is applied and what its benefits are.

There are many myths surrounding Thai massage. For example, many people think it can be quite brutal and that their back will be ‘cracked’ or walked on. In fact, Thai massage can be very therapeutic and relaxing and should leave you with a sense of deep relaxation and contentment within your body, mind and soul.

It can be used to help alleviate a wide variety of complaints and conditions, from muscle aches and stress, to headaches and insomnia, to anxiety and depression. Whatever your burdens – whether physical, emotional or psychological – it’s likely that Thai massage can help.

Read the full article here: Thai Massage Demystified

Have you ever had a Thai massage? Was this in Thailand or elsewhere? How did you find it? I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment below.

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