Thai Massage in Brighton

Traditional Thai massage, also known as Thai yoga massage, is an ancient healing art that’s been used in Thai medicine for hundreds of years to help heal physical and emotional ailments and bring the body back into balance.

Therapist stretching clientThai massage works by applying acupressure and assisted yoga-style stretches along the natural energy lines of the body. This technique, coupled with the therapist’s intention of metta, or loving kindness, helps to release emotional and physical blockages, open the joints, increase flexibility, work away areas of tension and encourage a profound state of relaxation.

This is a very therapeutic form of deep tissue massage that’s given over the clothes on a futon-style floor mat. I work from a clinic in Brighton, East Sussex, but can also arrange home visits.

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Relax, breathe, release…

An Introduction to Thai Massage

In this video I explain the many benefits of Thai massage and demonstrate what you can expect from a treatment session. Enjoy!